Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to add several nutrients to your diet, all at once. It is easy to make, and you can always have it on the go. In the ever-changing world of food trends, there is always something new and unusual brewing. Recently, the trend of consuming Okra (lady’s finger) water came into being for its health benefits. However, this supposed “health” drink got a fruity revamp when combined with none other than watermelon juice. Yes, you read that right! A video of watermelon okra water recipe has been making rounds on the internet. 

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The video was shared by digital creator Shanique Simpson (@shaniquethekreativevegan) on her Instagram handle. The video starts with Simpson washing a large watermelon. Next, she takes a piece out of the watermelon to take a “taste test.” After scooping out large chunks of watermelon flesh, the user juices it. In the meantime, she takes four okras and chops them into small pieces and adds them into a glass. This is where the twist happens – the user then adds the freshly squeezed watermelon juice to the glass filled with okra. 

Simon added that she let the watermelon okra juice sit for “12 to 24 hours.” This time allowed the okra to release its nutrients and sliminess into the juice. The result? A beautifully coloured watermelon juice with okra’s sliminess. Simon also suggested that if the watermelon okra juice is too “gooey” for you, add a dash of lemon juice to it.

Watch the full video of Watermelon Okra water here:

So far, the video has garnered 3.2 million views on Instagram. While some Instagram users were impressed with the recipe, they wrote:

“I did some last night and added some lime it almost tasted like guava.”

“Glad you made this because I was wondering how you made it. I’m definitely trying this.”

“New favourite food unlocked.”

Other users were shocked and clearly not impressed with the choice of ingredients used in this beverage.

“That would taste good but the texture would be a nightmare.”

“That’s a dangerous combination”

“Respectfully keep it”

“I’d never drink that.”

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Will you try making this two-ingredient watermelon okra water at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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