Italian food, especially pasta, has a separate fanbase. Now, meet Ryan Peters, a content creator whose passion for pasta has taken him to new heights. He has made a career out of making pasta in unique locations, sharing techniques and even inviting celebrities to join hands in the culinary tales. But his latest pasta challenge is something unique. He has started a video series where he doubles the number of egg yolks in each fresh batch of pasta. He started with one yolk, then two, four, and now, after eight videos, he is up to 256 yolks! In his latest video shared on Instagram, we see him making a batch of fresh pasta from scratch with an insane number of eggs. “Double the Eggs, Day 9,” the caption read. 
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The video begins with Mr Peters spreading a generous amount of flour on a table that is soon flooded with 256 eggs. He then breaks up the yolks with a fork and mixes them with the flour to form the pasta dough. The real challenge begins as he kneads the giant ball of dough, dividing it into smaller pieces to make it manageable.  After an hour of intense kneading, Mr Peters rolls out the dough into sheets and runs them through a pasta cutter, creating perfectly formed pasta. And the best part? He is donating this enormous batch to a local organisation to feed those in need. Watch the video here:

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Needless to say, the video sparked a frenzy of reactions from the internet. 

“I want your pasta,” a user commented. 

Another wrote, “What’s the world record for the volume of pasta made by hand in one sesh though…you got that.”

Someone joked, “I still don’t know how your arms aren’t Popeye arms by now. That amount of kneading is crazy.”

“I love that the food you make with your content doesn’t go to waste. So many channels waste so much food,” a comment read. 

What do you think of this video? Let us know. 
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