Experimentation in the kitchen can sometimes result in unexpected discoveries. For instance, have you ever tried making stuffed papad rolls instead of frying/ roasting papad the regular way? One such recent recipe has taken Instagram by storm and it has got foodies talking. In the reel by @indian_village_asmr, the vlogger first moistens papad pieces in a shallow dish with water. He spreads some butter on them to grease the surface. He then grates a little cheese on the papad and seasons it with common dried herbs (oregano and chilli flakes).
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He rolls the papad and cuts each into smaller pieces. He pan-fries the pocket-like pieces until they are crisp and golden brown. Finally, he tosses the fried papad rolls in peri peri mix until they are coated well. In the end, he tastes the snack and expresses his approval. Watch the full video below:

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The reel has received more than 9 million views so far. The comments section was rather divided over this viral recipe. While some found the recipe interesting and were curious to try it out, others were concerned about its unhealthy nature. Some people remarked on the salt and oil content of the snack. Check out some of the reactions below:

“Salty, salty & salty.”

“Chapati roll just change ingredients.”

“Everything used in this recipe is packaged.”

“Total unhealthy food.”

“Justice for Papad.”

“Pure junk food, I LOVE IT!”

“It looks so easy! Will definitely try!”

Viral recipes featuring beloved ingredients and foods often spark debates online. Before this, a video showing the making of a dish nicknamed “scrambled pancakes” got millions of views on social media. While some foodies approved the idea, others were far from convinced. Many also compared it to a delicacy popular in Austria. Click here to read the full story.
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