The internet is full of food-related content. From hyper-realistic cakes and unconventional food combinations to cute kids enjoying chocolate delights, we often come across various foodie videos. But have you ever seen a food video that is just for laughs? If not, a recent video demands your undivided attention. In the clip, a person satirises videos that suggest unique ways to do things instead of conventional methods. In the hilarious video, a person takes a water bottle and cuts it in half. The background audio says, “Instead of opening your water bottles like this and making a huge mess, just use the cap at the top of the bottle.” We then see the person smiling and simply opening the bottle. Are you also left in splits after reading this? But wait, it gets even funnier. “Has anyone actually tried this??” the person asked in the caption.

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Check out the video below:

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The video has become a huge hit with over 10 million videos. People matched the vibes and posted satirical reactions in the comments section.

A user wrote, “Bro u changed my life.”

Another one added, “Not sure if this works with other water brands.”

A person jokingly asked, “Heeelp !!! How can I close it ???????”

“Bro this is fake I’ve tried,” read a hilarious comment.

“Bro how to drink it now???” asked an Instagrammer.

Someone commented, “How to close this man???? I’m messed up.”

A person chimed in, saying, “But the cap is sealed plz make full tutorial.”

Many wrote, “Haters will say it’s fake.”

An Instagrammer joked, “Thank you for your instructions! Before that, I was eating the water bottle!”

“NO WAYY BROO!! I’ve tried this and failed miserably,” echoed a few.


“Huh…and here I have been freezing the water then cutting it in half and thawing the frozen water,” said a user.

Did you also find this video extremely funny? Do not forget to share your reactions in the comments section below.

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