Looking for ways to create an unforgettable dining experience? Pairing your alcohol with the right kind of food does the job. For a bustling evening party or a low-key house dinner, understanding flavours and knowing the correct combinations in terms of food and drinks can make all the difference. In fact, this helps you to up your game and make the guests know you as a culinary maestro, not a boring host. This is why, we got you some ways to amp up your gatherings instantly. Check the ultimate guide to food and alcohol pairings that you need to know about.

Here’re 8 Popular Food And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try:

1. Steak And Cabernet Sauvignon

Need something with this wine? Steak is your go-to! Whether medium rare or well done, the robust flavour of steak goes super well with the boldness of red wine. This makes for a great intermingling of flavours for sure.

Steak And Cabernet Sauvignon – Photo Credit: iStock

2. Sushi And Sake

The subtle, umami flavours of sushi match perfectly with the slight hints of sweetness that sake has, creating a beautiful harmony in your mouth.

Sushi And Sake

Sushi And Sake – Photo Credit: iStock

3. Barbecue Ribs And Beer

The bitterness of a chilled glass of beer cuts right through the smokiness and savoury flavour of tender, barbeque ribs. This combination enhances the overall taste with a beautiful contrast of the two!

Barbecue Ribs And Beer

Barbecue Ribs And Beer – Photo Credit: iStock

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4. Oysters And Champagne

What should you eat with a tall glass of champagne? The salty taste of fresh oysters paired with the crisp, fizziness of Champagne, together makes for a truly sophisticated and refreshing combination of seafood and alcohol!

Oysters And Champagne

Oysters And Champagne – Photo Credit: iStock

5. Cheese And Port Wine

The sweetness and full-bodied characteristics of Port wine complement various kinds of cheeses, preferably a good blue cheese or a smoked gouda. This decadent combination will surely leave you mesmerised.

Cheese And Port Wine

Cheese And Port Wine – Photo Credit: iStock

6. Dark Chocolate And Zinfandel

For a luscious, indulgent experience, sip fruity, spicy Zinfandel and bite into some dark chocolate along with it. The wine’s rich berry notes and peppery bits here and there enhance the bitterness of the chocolate, creating pure luxury!

Dark Chocolate And Zinfandel

Dark Chocolate And Zinfandel – Photo Credit: iStock

7. Grilled Salmon And Chardonnay

The buttery, oaky hints of a Chardonnay paired with the rich, smoky flavour of grilled salmon, makes for an elegant pairing. The wine’s acidity cuts through the salmon’s natural oils, enhancing but not overpowering its flavour.

Grilled Salmon And Chardonnay

Grilled Salmon And Chardonnay – Photo Credit: iStock

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8. Spicy Thai Food And Riesling

The sweet and slightly acidic nature of a Riesling wine balances the heat and complexity of spicy Thai dishes, providing a refreshing contrast. A great food and alcohol combination for sure!

Spicy Thai Food And Riesling

Spicy Thai Food And Riesling – Photo Credit: iStock

Try the food and drink combinations and call for a great evening with your friends and family. But always remember, moderation is the key. Be mindful while drinking alcohol to make the most of its goodness.

By Alex Benjamin

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