The Internet’s fascination with food experiments seems endless. From viral challenges to DIY recipes, there is always something new cooking up online. Some experiments offer tips and creative twists, making cooking convenient and exciting. However, not all attempts end well – disasters like burnt cakes or failed recipes also become part of the online narrative. Lately, this food experiment going viral is one where common sense took a back seat. The video showed a man who dared to cook chicken leg pieces with a firecracker inside a pan. “Leg piece and firecracker hack,” the caption read. 
Inspired by a dubious Internet cooking hack, the man attempted to cook chicken legs with a firecracker on a cliff. The original video showed a firecracker bursting in a pan, supposedly yielding perfectly cooked chicken. Similarly, the man placed two chicken legs in a pan, added a firecracker, lit it, and ran, to observe the outcome from a distance. The firecracker exploded, sending charred chicken pieces flying everywhere. 
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Watch the full video here:

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The online community was quick to respond, flooding the comments section with their thoughts. A user wrote, “Another content creator casually wasting food for views. Unfollowed.” Another user stated, “Pov : Common sense left the chat.” “Brother, why are you disrespecting food? Don’t you have common sense?” a comment read. Someone added, “Don’t waste food for some followers or publicity. Give them to needy people. So shameful.” “When you try to become oversmart; Stop making these illogical videos,” read another comment.  The man later clarified that the leg pieces were not wasted and were fed to dogs. 

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By Alex Benjamin

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