While scrolling through social media, we often encounter food-related content. On one hand, there are realistic cakes, quick breakfast recipes and enticing shots of delicious food that leave us drooling. Then some bizarre food combos that make us cringe. Unfortunately, even one of India’s favourite street foods, pani puri, has not been spared. From egg pani puri to chocolate pani puri, mango panipuri, and even invisible pani puri, we have seen audacious experiments. The latest addition to this list has taken it to another level. In an Instagram video, we can see a woman stuffing her – what seems to be pani puri – not with aloo masala and spicy water, but with a live ray-finned fish, also known as an eel. Yes, you read it right.

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The clip starts with the woman inserting a fork into a live eel, coiled around a tomato. Two puris filled with a yellow condiment are displayed on the plate. She scoops the eel out with the fork and attempts to eat it. Her strained expressions indicate the struggle of chewing the live fish. 

Check out the video below:

After watching the video, social media users were not happy. “What is pani puri doing here?” asked a confused Instagram user. 

“Girl, it looks alive,” pointed out another. 

“Rotiya nahi khai jati tumse? [Can’t you have rotis?]” read a comment.

A person called the strange dish “Snake puri”

A segment of people claimed that this “video must be from China.”

In the middle of this, someone wanted to know, “Aur kuch khanee ko nahi milta kya? [Can’t you get anything else to eat?]” 

Many echoed a similar sentiment of being repulsed after watching the clip and dropped vomit emojis.

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So far, the video has received over 7.3 million views. What are your thoughts on this?

By Alex Benjamin

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