Kareena Kapoor often shares food-related pictures and videos on her Instagram handle. From enjoying ghar ka khana with family to participating in a pizza party with her co-stars on set, Kareena Kapoor’s foodie adventures always grab our attention. She often shares candid moments and honest confessions through her posts. Among her latest Insta stories is another such confession that many mothers would relate to. Kareena took to Instagram to share a picture of half-eaten foods.
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In the image, we can see what looks to be half a pancake, that has been already cut partly. Bowls of sliced strawberries and what appears to be cream are also visible. At the bottom of the photo, Kareena Kapoor wrote, “I am the mother who eats her kids’ leftovers,” followed by three emojis depicting a monkey, eyes and a red heart. Take a look below:

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This is not the first time Kareena has admitted to eating her children’s leftovers. Last year, she also posted about “always” ending up having to finish their breakfast. Read the complete story here. This was around the time she went on a Europe trip with her family and she kept her followers updated with many photos and videos. She also shared sneak peeks into the foodie side of their travels.

Last month, Kareena Kapoor shared another glimpse into her day-to-day life with her kids. She shared pictures of a scrumptious-looking cake her sons had prepared for her on Mother’s Day 2024. The carousel post included pictures of the cake-making process before that of the final result. Wondering how it turned out? Click here to read the full story.
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