The to-be choti bahu of the Ambani family, Radhika Merchant is much in the news lately ahead of her upcoming wedding to Anant Ambani on July 12, 2024. And while much is known about Radhika Merchant and her family, do you know that her sister Anjali Merchant is married to an entrepreneur? Meet Aman Majithia, Radhika Merchant’s brother-in-law who is an entrepreneur; he also holds an important role in the Merchant’s family business.

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The Merchant’s Encore Healthcare (EHPL)

Anjali Merchant Majithia and Aman Majithia at their wedding functionsPhoto: Instagram

Radhika Merchant’s father Viren Merchant is the Founder and CEO of Encore Healthcare Private Limited (EHPL). For the unversed, Encore Healthcare, which is worth INR 2000 crores as per Forbes, is a popular manufacturer in the pharma industry. He is also the director of several other Indian companies like Encore Business Centre Private Limited, ZYG Pharma Private Limited, Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited, among others.
Viren Merchant’s wife, Shaila Merchant is also a co-founder and Managing Director of Encore Healthcare.
Viren and Shaila Merchant’s daughters, Anjali and Radhika are also on the Board of Directors at Encore Healthcare.
Meet Aman Majithia, Radhika Merchant’s brother-in-law

aman majithia

Photo: Aman Majithia/ LinkedIn

Radhika Merchant’s entrepreneur sister Anjali Merchant is married to Aman Majithia, who is also an entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Vataly, which is an online retail brand. With his passion for great design and the lack of innovation in the Indian retail space, Aman Majithia ventured into the fashion industry in India and started Vataly in 2017, as per the company’s website.
Apart from this, since 2019 Aman Majithia is also the Associate Director at his father-in-law Viren Merchant’s business, Encore Healthcare. Aman Majithia shares on his LinkedIn account that his role in EHPL includes “managing overall operations and resources of the CMO unit. Setting goals and targets, managing the external environment and relationships to create conditions for growth.”
Aman Majithia was also the Director of Amsal Chem Pvt Ltd from January 2012 to January 2016.
He has a degree in Political Science, Economics and Organisational Behaviour from the University of Virginia (2011), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Political Science from Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, USA (2008 – 2013). Aman Majithia’s wife, Anjali Merchant has also studied at UVA.
The couple got married in 2020 and they now have a son together. They live in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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