India’s Revolutionary Generative Chatbot Platform by 3AI Holding Limited

India’s Revolutionary Generative Chatbot Platform by 3AI Holding Limited

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously increasing and its usage is also increasing day by day. Recently, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) platform Hanuman AI has been launched in India. It was launched by the Abu Dhabi-based AI investment company 3AI Holding Limited and SML India. 



What is Hanuman AI?

Hanuman Ai is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot like ChatGPT. It answers all of your queries and questions. It is a special GenAI chatbot which comes with 98 global languages ​​including 12 Indian languages. This GenAI platform is launched with the sim to help in the development of the country in the field of technology. Right now, it is responding in text form only.

The target of this artificial intelligence has been set to provide services in many other areas including administration, health, financial services and education. One of the objectives of launching Humana AI is to make it easy for all Indians to use any AI. It is available in 12 Indian languages, which makes it accessible to the whole of India.

Just as Hanuman is known for his incredible physical strength, Hanuman AI symbolises the robust computational power inherent in modern AI systems. This AI is strong with vast amounts of data at speeds that answer your every question like a human mind. 

  • Download: According to the company, This generative artificial intelligence platform Hanuman aims to reach 200 million users in the first year. It is already available on the AppStore for Android Users as well as on the official website. Companies are working on the IOS version. Soon Human AI will be available on the App Store for iPhone users.
  • Languages: As said, the GenAI Hanuman chatbot is available in 98 global languages,  including 12 Indian languages. These global languages are English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, etc and Indian languages ​​are Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Sindhi. Hence, it can easily be used by every Indian, whether they are from Maharashtra or Punjab or Tamil Nadu. It is very easy to use by every people.
  • Development: The GenAI Hanuman chatbot is built with Reliance SML India and Abu Dhabi’s 3AI Holding. In addition, 3AI has partnered with tech companies like HP, NASSCOM and Yotta for Hanuman AI. There is also help from the Telangana government and 3,000 colleges to prepare for it. Hanuman AI chatbot has been jointly developed by seven IITs in the country.



How Does a Hanuman Chatbot Work?

Hanuman AI chatbot is based on the LLM (large language model), which is a kind of artificial intelligence program known for Speech to Text user-friendly service. This chatbot works based on large-level data. AL model generates a natural sound response by learning from the data feed in it. It is also said that Human Chatbot is the beginning of a new initiative by ‘Reliance Industries’, which gives strong competitors to OpenAI and Google Gemini AI. According to its name, this is going to be a powerful tool for the world.



The Future of Hanuman AI

Human AI has just launched and is taking over many chatbots. They are aiming for 200 million users in the first year. In the upcoming year, it will surely evolve. Evolution is not just advancements in technology but also a deeper integration of ethical and cultural values into AI development. It is going to be a revolutionising healthcare, education and other sector because there are many benefits of using the chatbot like Human AI.



Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot:-

There are many benefits of using the AT Chatbot like Hanuman Ai in our daily lifestyle. Let’s check some of them-

  • Leads to shorter work hours and greater efficiency: The biggest benefit of using the AT Chatbot is that can get results in no time just by entering your questions. No special skills are required to use them, and anyone can use them easily as it feels like a chat. Additionally, the response time is quick, ranging from a few seconds to a minute. Tasks that have traditionally been done by humans will be completed in no time and with less effort.
  • Access to vast knowledge:  AI-based chatbot has access to a vast amount of knowledge. They are designed to use natural language processing and can be used for a variety of tasks such as question and answering summarization/translation, and programming. AI Chatbot is based on the large-scale “language” model, it often cannot be used for calculations. 
  • Become a counsellor or someone to talk to: Yes, AI Chatbot can also be used as a person to consult or talk to.. they respond according to the user’s questions and conversations. They will work with you until you are satisfied with things that you would be a little hesitant to do with a human, such as when you want to practise while learning a language or when you want to collect your thoughts by hitting the wall. In addition, people can talk with them as they want, they will respond mechanically and have no emotion or empathy.
  • Easy to use for anyone: Chatbots like Hanuman AI is easy for anyone to use. Hanuman Ai offers an easy-to-use interface that can be easily used by people of all ages and does not require any special technical knowledge or programming skills. Simply enter your query or question and they will quickly generate accurate responses. This allows the entire team to communicate and handle tasks effectively. In today’s age, AI Chatbot is a powerful tool that helps streamline business operations and improve productivity, as it is easy to operate by simply typing in text, and anyone can operate it easily.



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