Indians and their love for bhujia know no bounds. Loved for its irresistible crispy texture, bhujia makes for a scrumptious snack to savour along with your evening tea. It also becomes our companion when we experience those sudden hunger pangs late at night. Bhujia is usually enjoyed as is, but don’t you think we fail to give this snack the credit it deserves? Apart from satisfying your crispy food cravings, it can serve several other purposes as well. In this article, we’ll be sharing some exciting ways in which you can use bhujia to enhance the flavour of your everyday meals. These ideas will make your favourite dishes taste even better, ensuring you have an enjoyable eating experience. Read on. 
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Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Use Bhujia To Amp Up Your Food:

1. Use as your paratha stuffing

Bhujia makes for a delicious ingredient to add to your paratha stuffing. It adds a nice crunch, ensuring your paratha turns out super crispy. Whether you’re making an aloo paratha or a gobhi paratha, consider adding some bhujia to the stuffing next time. The results are truly spectacular and you’ll wonder why you never tried this combination before. And yes, don’t forget to pair it with some yoghurt and tangy achaar on the side.

2. Add it to your sandwich

You can also use bhujia to enhance the flavour of your sandwiches. It tastes best when added to cheese sandwiches or vegetable sandwiches. Avoid adding it to non-vegetarian sandwiches, as the flavour of bhujia won’t go well with the meat. The best part? You can even prepare a sandwich with bhujia alone. Trust us, it tastes heavenly! If you’re a hosteller, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

3. Use it for garnishing Maggi

There’s no doubt that plain Maggi tastes delicious. However, there are times when we wish to add a unique element to the dish. Do you also wish to bring a wow factor to your bowl of Maggi? Try garnishing it with crispy bhujia. At first, the idea of adding bhujia to your Maggi may sound strange. But once you try it out, you’ll be surprised too how incredible it tastes. Indulge in it as an evening snack or enjoy it on a rainy day.
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4. Top your rice dishes with it

Yes! You can use bhujia to garnish your rice dishes as well. Whether it’s pulao, tomato rice, fried, or any other rich dish, bhujia helps enhance the flavour of them all. The combination of crispy bhujia along soft rice works like magic. Moreover, it also adds a hint of spice to the dish, making it taste even more delicious. You can even drizzle some lemon juice over the bhujia.

5. Add it to your raita

Did you know bhujia can also be added to raita? If you’re bored of plain raita and want something different, bhujia raita is a great option. It pairs well with almost everything, whether it’s any sabzi, dal, or roti. You can even prepare this raita for times when you’re hosting a special lunch or dinner at home. To give it a final touch, garnish with coriander leaves and a sprinkle of chaat masala.

Now that you know about these interesting ways to use bhujia, why not try one of them and see how incredible it turns out? 

Bonus Tip: If you wish to make bhujia from scratch, here’s an easy recipe for you to try.

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