Picture this: it is your friend’s birthday and the person is a tequila enthusiast. You walk into a liquor store, just to find the teetotaller in yourself clueless. What do you do then? You see rows and rows of tequila bottles, each with a different label, colour or price tag. You don’t want to pick just some random bottle for your friend. For such situations, dear reader, we have got your back! More often than not, we find ourselves in such situations, trying to navigate the world of alcohol without a map. Tequila, which hails from Mexico, is loved by people due to its versatility. But with so many options in the market, how do you make sure to choose a high-quality tequila? If you can relate to this situation, then read on to learn certain key steps for choosing tequila, whether it’s for you or your friend!

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Here Are 5 Key Steps For Choosing A Good Quality Tequila Bottle:

1. Understand The Tequila Type

This is the most basic step when choosing tequila. Tequila comes in lots of varieties so understanding which type of tequila does what can make your work easier. Here are some common types:

Blanco is the purest form of tequila. It is clear and has a bold flavour since it is either underaged or aged for less than two months. This is like raw tequila and is perfect for making cocktails or shots.

This type of tequila is aged in oak barrels for a period ranging from two months to a year. It has a smoother taste with small tasteful hints of oak, making it great for sipping or mixing in drinks.

Anejo is typically aged between one to three years, so it has a richer and more complex taste. If your friend likes to sip on alcohol, then Anejo is a fantastic choice.

As the name suggests, extra Anejo has been aged, but more than three years. It has a super rich and complex taste and is perfect for someone who appreciates strong alcohol in their life.

2. Don’t Skip The “100% Agave” Sign

Typically, tequila comes from Mexico where the Agave plant is in abundance. For the unversed, agave is a succulent plant that is the key ingredient in making tequila. So, a “100% Agave” label on your tequila bottle is a non-negotiable. Make sure to scan the bottle thoroughly to search for this sign. This is because many bottles are also labelled as “Mixto” which contains up to 49% non-agave sugars which are fillers. This type of tequila will make your drinking experience unpleasant and also give you a nasty hangover. So, stick to a bottle that mentions “100% agave” only.

3. Analyse The Bottle

We have all been taught not to judge a book by its cover. However, when choosing tequila, you might want to go against your principles. High-quality tequila brands often indulge in good packaging. A sleek, well-designed bottle can indicate the care and attention that went into the product inside. Look for bottles that have a solid, substantial feel and a cork or cap. But make sure not to judge the tequila solely by the bottle.

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4. Know Your Friend’s Taste

Since you are gifting a bottle of tequila to your friend, make sure you know their tastes. If you know your friend loves a good margarita, maybe buy a high-quality Blanco or Reposado for them. If they enjoy sipping drinks, go for an Anejo or Extra Anejo. However, if you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations at a good liquor store. The staff there can guide based on your friend’s preferences.

5. Research A Bit

Lastly, do your homework before buying the tequila. Remember, the internet is your friend, which is why you are here! Look up reviews and ratings from tequila enthusiasts and experts. There are several apps and forums dedicated to alcohol and spirits where you can find detailed reviews and ratings. 

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Is there any other aspect to keep in mind while choosing tequila? Let us know in the comments below!

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