Garlic bread is one of those foods that brings instant joy. Crispy bread doused with garlic and topped with oregano seasoning – it can make even the most diligent people cheat on their diet. And who’s to blame for it? After all, the aroma of garlic bread is such that it makes you want to indulge in it right away. However, you don’t necessarily have to ‘cheat’ on your diet to enjoy garlic bread. Instead, you can transform this beloved snack into a healthy treat, just like this low-carb, no-bread recipe. Yes, it’s possible to make healthier garlic bread, and that too without any bread! Sounds too good to be true? Check out the amazing recipe below. But first, let’s address some questions you might have regarding this unique recipe.
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Does No-Bread Garlic Bread Offer A Similar Taste To Regular Garlic Bread?

The answer is yes! This no-bread garlic bread tastes quite similar to regular garlic bread, and you won’t find much difference. Instead of the usual bread, the dough is prepared using cauliflower and coriander, giving it a unique texture. And not to worry about the crispness – it’s just the same. This garlic bread recipe is also stuffed with cheese, making it gooey on the inside.

What To Serve With No-Bread Garlic Bread? 

Garlic bread is usually enjoyed with a creamy cheese dip. However, since we aim to keep things healthier, that may not be the best option. This no-bread garlic bread already includes cheese, so you won’t feel the need for an additional dip. However, if you’d like to pair it with something, opt for homemade tomato ketchup. Avoid using the store-bought version as it is high in calories. 

How To Make No-Bread Garlic Bread | Low-Carb Breadless Garlic Bread Recipe:

The recipe for this no-bread garlic bread was shared by Instagram page @aathirasethumadhavan. To begin with, blitz together cauliflower, green chillies, and coriander. Mix this with grated paneer, chopped garlic, besan, chilli flakes, oregano, salt, and water. Combine well to form a thick crumbly dough. Make sure you don’t add too much water as the cauliflower will release water. For the cheese filling, mix mozzarella cheese with oregano and chilli flakes. 
Now, grease your toaster with oil or ghee. Spread a few spoons of the cauliflower mixture, then the cheese, and then cover with more of the cauliflower mixture. Cover and cook on a low-medium flame for about five mins on each side – don’t turn it around too many times as it can break otherwise. Once it’s evenly browned on both sides, take it out gently. Let it cool for a bit and then dig in! 
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Watch the complete recipe video below:

Make this delicious garlic bread recipe at home and indulge in it totally guilt-free! 

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