How much chocolate is too much chocolate? TBH, it is never enough. From kids to adults and even, in this case, astronauts, it is hard to say no to the sweetmeat. Agree? Well, what better day to talk about our love for gooey sweet treats than World Chocolate Day? It was observed on July 7. And, we are happy to report that astronauts aboard the International Space Station also made sure to enjoy a few delectable chocolate recipes to mark the occasion. The European Space Agency (ESA) on Instagram shared a few glimpses of astronauts indulging in chocolate delights amid microgravity. 

Sharing pictures and videos, ESA wrote, ”Astronauts aboard the ISS indulge in chocolate delights just like we do on Earth. Imagine floating in microgravity while enjoying: Delectable chocolate crepes using flour tortillas. The silky chocolate mousse that’s part of a scientific experiment. Tasty chocolate treats that make every bite a cosmic adventure.”

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One video shows a strawberry-chocolate crepe floating around the International Space Station, while another picture features an astronaut enjoying chocolate mousse. ESA also informed that astronauts built chocolate-covered biscuit houses. ”But that’s not all! Our space pioneers even get creative and build chocolate-covered biscuit houses, adding a touch of home sweet home to their home away from home. So, as we celebrate World Chocolate Day on 7 July, let’s send a sweet shoutout to the astronauts savouring their favourite chocolate goodies while orbiting the Earth,” read their post.

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Check it out here:

The video has attracted a lot of attention on social media.

“That’s so cool, floating snack,” a user said. 

“I love chocolate so pretty much anything,” wrote another one. 

For some, the dishes were “berry chocolatey.” 

“Is flour tortilla the same as a piadina?” asked a person. 

Another added, “I am delightful. The last shot is just wow. What a chocolate masterpiece, congratulations to the space bakers.”

A few have declared it “the best way to eat”. 

A person said, “A flying chocolate snack is the best chocolate snack.”

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