Even if you’re likely to have your say where your work team dines or where you hang out with your BFFs, it’s very likely that your kids cast the deciding vote when it comes to weekend dining or that lazy Sunday brunch with the family. Like most cities in India, Sunday lunches and dinners are usually family bonding time. Trips to the beach or the mall are capped with an indulgent meal where ‘cheat day’ is the theme of the meal. First, it was the international fast food chains that woke up to ‘pester power’ with kid’s friendly menus and spaces. And then it was the Sunday brunches at luxury hotels that featured kids’ activity zones so you could sip your mimosas in peace. Now we’re seeing more restaurants and cafes in Chennai become more conducive for family-friendly dining.
We take you through some of the best spots in the city for a meal with the family and where you can create some endearing memories.
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Here Are 10 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Chennai That Your Kids Will Love:

1. Cream Centre

Cream Centre is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Chennai with a strong reputation for its diverse and flavourful menu. Located in several areas, the restaurant is well-loved for its combination of Indian, Italian, and fusion dishes. From chaat and pav bhaji to sizzlers, pasta and other dishes, this place caters to a multitude of customers. The restaurant features a clean and spacious ambiance with good service. Although on the costly side, the portion sizes and taste do justice!

2. The Waterfall Restaurant

This restaurant in Chennai offers a unique dining experience with its 20-foot indoor waterfalls, creating a serene and natural ambiance. This is a thematic restaurant known for its diverse menu featuring South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Signature dishes include their grand thali, which offers a variety of handpicked dishes. The restaurant also has a banquet hall for hosting events and private dining areas for special occasions. Anyone in Chennai wanting a great ambience and extensive menu offerings must come here!

3. Brew Room

Brew Room might not be positioned as a kid zone. This is after all one of the city’s most popular coffee spots for conversations. But makes our list for the sheer size of the space and an oasis of sorts in the heart of the CBD. The water bodies, bird cages and gazebos add to its appeal as a ‘chill zone’ where you can unwind with a book or board game for a meal between a meal or over dessert.

  • Where: Savera Hotel, RK Salai, Mylapore

4. Twisty Tales

There’s no better antidote after a tough week in the office than entering the confines of a pet-friendly space. Twisty Tales is more than just that. It’s also a pet cafe and pet store with a dedicated area for pets. It’s just where you can take your furry companions for a weekend outing and check out their extensive menu It also has a designated section of food for your pets.

  • Where: Khader Nawaz Khan Road

5. Kaidi Kitchen

Kaidi Kitchen is a unique themed restaurant located in Chennai, India, known for its distinctive jail-themed decor. Designed to resemble a prison, with waitstaff dressed as jailers and inmates, the dining areas are styled like prison cells, creating an immersive experience for diners. Kaidi Kitchen offers a wide variety of cuisines, including Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Thai. The menu is vegetarian, catering to a diverse range of tastes and dietary preferences. With friendly and attentive service, it is a popular choice for families and groups.

6. Fat Boy

One of Chennai’s home-grown pizza brands that took wings during the pandemic, Fat Boy is a safe bet for the one thing that unites the family – pizza. Their Alwarpet outlet offers a great vibe for a family outing with a menu loaded with comfort food. Your kids can play around with the pizza toppings or just opt for a bowl of nachos or sip on a thick shake.

  • Where: Cooperative Colony, Sriram Nagar, Alwarpet

7. The Old Potion House

This is a notable restaurant that brings a distinctive experience to diners. The Old Potion House is renowned for its mystical and enchanting atmosphere, drawing inspiration from an old-world apothecary or alchemist’s den. The decor creates an intriguing and cozy environment and the menu offers diversity in terms of national and international cuisines. Whether it is the appetizers, main course or dessert, this restaurant has it all and is a great dining spot!

8. The Flying Elephant

Located within the Park Hyatt, Chennai, known for its distinctive multi-cuisine offerings and elegant atmosphere, has a unique and modern ambience. Whether it is Asian stir-fries or tandoori delicacies, or even a huge variety of cocktails and beverages, this place caters to almost everything for everyone! With posh and stylish interiors and a memorable service, it promises a luxury dining experience for all!

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9. Writer’s Cafe

If books are your kid’s best friend, then this space is paradise. This is the perfect spot for kids to spend hours with the books of their choice – this cafe has a fully functional bookstore. And then there’s the wide range of pastries and square pizzas that are a big draw with kids.

  • Where: Peters Road, Gopalapuram

10. Dakshin

Celebrated and renowned for its mouth watering South Indian delicacies, Dakshin features a traditional and elegant setting that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the land! With a warm and inviting atmosphere and a meticulously curated menu, Dakshin offers a variety, including signature dishes such as Appam with Stew, Chettinad Chicken, Meen Moilee and various types of dosas and idlis. With professional service, it creates a truly enjoyable dining experience for all!

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