DigiLocker: Paperless Transition Made Easy

DigiLocker: Paperless Transition Made Easy

DigiLocker is a platform introduced by the Indian government to advance paperless transition, so it makes the process quick and efficient for everybody to use.

Security is an essential factor and need for everybody in this modern life and digitization, where technology is growing fast every second. But with technology digital crimes are also increasing and that’s why Digilocker comes in very handy for the people of India.

DigiLocker is an application designed to keep all your documents in one place but with security. The application can be installed on both iOS and Android devices or smartphones. The Indian government is taking this initiative to make Digital India a success.

Everyone is concerned about security and privacy when it comes to their documents such as Aadhar cards, PAN cards, etc.

Here is a full digilocker guide if you are known of its benefits, and are concerned regarding your documents or are a beginner user of this application.

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What is Digilocker?

Digilocker is an online application or platform given by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), the Indian government introduced this to improve its initiative in digital India.

Its priority and goals are to reduce the utilization of physical documents in day to day lives of people. As we are aware personal documents are very needed and important no matter where we go it must be college, office, or sometimes a movie theatre where we need to show our ID cards. But everyone can’t carry their documents everywhere. It’s so hectic to carry them every time in our busy lives. And in some cases, we forgot to carry physical documents with us.

And where Digilocker comes in very handy and effective to use for people. Digilocker can be used to keep records and to store all required documents in one place such as Aadhar, PAN, etc. It must be linked to your Aadhar card and mobile numbers to use it efficiently.

To make proper use of Digilocker people need to link it with an Aadhar number and OTP is sent to the mobile number which is linked with an Aadhar card. OTP is a must for the sign-up. Later users can set their password and it can be linked to Facebook also.

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How to Download and Create a User ID (In Steps)

  1. Downloading the application on your smartphone is going to be very easy. A user can easily download it from Play Store and App Store from their mobile phones. But to install, make sure you have a smartphone.
  2. To receive access to the platform Digilocker an individual should visit the official website provided by the Indian government which is digitallocker.gov.in which can be found on the web or just click on it.
  3. Once you open the given site, people can make didilocker accounts with the help of their Aadhar number and OTP.
  4. Kindly make sure your current mobile number/sim is working and linked with your Aadhar.
  5. People need to click the sign-up button as the next step to create their Digilocker account.
  6. Then you need to fill in your Aadhar number
  7. Once the user enters the Aadhar number, he/she will receive 2 options to proceed, either it may be OTP or fingerprint. It is the user’s call that they want to choose according to their comfort and preference.
  8. However, choosing OTP will make the process easy and convenient to proceed further. Then you must enter the OTP that you received immediately. After entering the OTP successfully then go ahead and click the verify option.
  9. Then the application and page will direct you to generate a username and password for yourself.


The Advantages and Benefits of Using DigiLocker

By now we all are aware of what DigiLocker is and its uses. But there are a lot of benefits to users that you are unaware of for sure. This quick and handy application offers many advantages to its users in their daily lives. It stores all documents in one place and provides great security.

Personal documents are important for everyone no matter where they go. Let’s learn some of the major advantages of using DigiLocker these days.

Instant Access to Important Documents

Having Digilocker users dont need to worry about carrying their documents or physical copies everywhere. Honestly, everyone can’t carry every document everywhere.

You can use it on your smartphone, by installing the application on your mobile and signing up into your account to get access to your documents from anywhere.

Easy Layout and Interface

The Indian government has concentrated more on its interface and layout. Government prioritizes its interface by making it user-friendly, simple, and quick to understand.

On the homepage, there are a lot of options and categories such as insurance, education, banking, and many more. So, the user can find every option and feature easily and all at once.

Also, users can get access to their documents in seconds with just a single tap or click.

Highly Secure and Safe

The usage and purpose of digilocker are very safe and secure as they operate on ISO 27001 standards. It is highly safe and protected for users to keep their personal and financial documents safe and prevent any kind of fraud.

With its 256-bit secure socket layer users dont have to worry about any kind of info leakage or fraud. It is designed to provide a strong level of security and encryption to its users.


Which Kinds of Documents Are Suitable with DigiLocker Storage?

Users may keep PAN cards, Aadhaar, and other identification proofs or documents on this application and platform. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain scanned copies of financial, banking, medical, and educational records.

DigiLocker is an app that facilitates the storing, organizing, publication, and verification of important documents. It utilizes a 256-bit SSL certificate and functions on cloud platforms. Thus, using DigiLocker is secure and trustworthy. It is trusted by thousands of users all over India.

Using DigiLocker will deal with and prevent the requirement to carry physical documents for a variety of uses. Thus, this application’s usefulness and effectiveness increase people’s convenience and trust in it.

The usage of Digilocker is totally up to and depends on the user. It’s your choice and preference if you want to use it or not, and also which of the documents you wanna use. Many people use this online service to store personal and financial documents.

On the other hand, many users are comfortable using it for securing and protecting their identification papers.

Just like with email accounts, creating a DigiLocker account is similar and simple. Until and unless users have a mobile device and a smartphone that can install the DigiLocker application. Users can create and sign up for free to access DigiLocker. A Digi locker is a platform designed for the safe and secure storage of electronic and personal documents.

All you require to get started with DigiLocker is your mobile number, and registering is quite easy. To verify the reliability of a person’s smartphone number, a one-time password (OTP), username, and password must be entered. You might be eligible to access extra features linked to your Aadhar number if you’re successful in creating an account with DigiLocker.

How to Upload Documents and Certificates in your DigiLocker Account

Uploading documents and certificates on DigiLocker is quite simple and easy. If you are a beginner then you can also do this without any difficulties or problems by using the given steps below.

If you are using the application the first time and have no idea, dont worry we got you.

  1. After signing up and creating an account on DigiLocker, the user must click on uploaded documents.
  2. On the next step press the upload button to upload your personal documents on your DigiLocker account.
  3. Next, pick the files and select the location of the files.
  4. Then at last press the open button, after successfully choosing the files.
  5. And a reminder- Users can upload various documents at a single time.





1. What is DigiLocker?
– DigiLocker is an online platform introduced by the Indian government to facilitate a paperless transition by securely storing electronic documents such as Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, and more.

2. How does DigiLocker enhance security?
– DigiLocker operates on ISO 27001 standards and employs 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring high levels of security to prevent data breaches and fraud.

3. What documents can I store in DigiLocker?
– Users can store various documents such as Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, identification proofs, financial records, educational certificates, and more on DigiLocker.

4. How can I create a DigiLocker account?
– To create a DigiLocker account, visit the official website or download the mobile app, sign up using your Aadhaar number and OTP, set a username and password, and you’re ready to use DigiLocker.

5. Is DigiLocker free to use?
– Yes, DigiLocker is a free platform provided by the Indian government to all citizens for securely storing and accessing their electronic documents.

6. How can I upload documents to my DigiLocker account?
– After signing in to your DigiLocker account, click on the “Upload Documents” option, select the files you want to upload from your device, and then click on the “Open” button to upload them to your account.

7. Can I access my DigiLocker account from multiple devices?
– Yes, you can access your DigiLocker account from multiple devices by logging in with your username and password. However, ensure the security of your login credentials.

8. What are the benefits of using DigiLocker?
– DigiLocker offers instant access to important documents, a user-friendly interface, enhanced security, and eliminates the need to carry physical documents everywhere, making it convenient for users.

9. Is DigiLocker trustworthy?
– Yes, DigiLocker is a trustworthy platform adopted by thousands of users across India. It operates on secure cloud platforms and complies with stringent security standards.

10. Can I share documents stored in my DigiLocker account with others?
– Yes, you can share documents stored in your DigiLocker account with others by using the “Share” option available within the platform. This feature allows you to share documents securely with authorized individuals or organizations.


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