Do you have a confusing relationship with fruits? You are not a big fan of eating fruits but enjoy the fruity flavours when you finally eat them? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Tempted by juicy burgers and chocolatey ice creams, we often take nature’s candies – aka the fruits – for granted. Well, you can turn yourself into a fruit fan with an incredible fruit salad that looks great and tastes yummy. Wonder what is it? A Checkerboard fruit salad.

What Is A Checkerboard Fruit Salad?

A checkerboard is a board used in various games, made up of squares in alternating colours. The pattern is attractive and that is what we replicate in this fruit salad. Simply chop your fruits into cubes and arrange them based on colours to create an edible checkerboard using fruits. Add your seasonings and voila, a fun and playful fruit salad is ready to be enjoyed.
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Here is a yummy checkerboard fruit salad spotted on Instagram, prepared using pineapple, watermelon and cantaloupe:

Melons Rule The Checkerboard Fruit Salad

If you love melons, which are easily available in summer, you must try this fruit salad recipe. You can choose watermelons, and muskmelons and also add more colours and flavours by adding cubes of cucumbers, cheese, feta cheese, and pineapple. Let’s get started!

Check out this gorgeous red and white checkerboard salad made with watermelon and feta cheese:

How To Make Checkerboard Fruit Salad

Simply cut all your fruits and cheese into cubes. You can choose the size of the cubes, however, make sure all the ingredients have the same cube size. If you are using feta cheese, you can either cut it into cubes or crush it and use it as a garnish on top of your checkerboard salad. Now set them all in an alternative design to achieve a checkerboard format. For the dressing, combine olive oil with lemon juice and drizzle on top. Sprinkle over some salt, and pepper and garnish with mint leaves. Alternatively, you can also drizzle balsamic vinegar reduction. Enjoy!

Here is a full recipe video on Instagram, with a lip-smacking and beautiful checkerboard fruit salad.
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Try this delicious summer salad at home. Feel free to add your touch by experimenting with the concept or using more ingredient combinations. Happy healthy eating!

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