Actor and nutritionist Bhagyashree is passionate about sharing healthy tips with her online community. As a foodie at heart, she enjoys exploring cuisines and experimenting with recipes to create nutritious meals for herself and her loved ones. The actress has added a new recipe to her ‘Tuesday Tips with B’ series on Instagram. This week, the Maine Pyar Kiya actress highlighted the benefits of a green juice recipe, packed with nutrients and antioxidants. The ingredients – spinach, coriander, celery and amla (Indian gooseberry) – work together to boost overall health and skin radiance, she said. “A glass in the morning will keep your skin glowing. Skin benefits, gut boosting properties and immunity. This green juice has it all. Try it,” she wrote in the caption.
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Bhagyashree explains that spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals and improves immunity, hydrates the skin and makes your eyesight better with its high content of vitamin A. Coriander, with its antioxidant properties, promotes gut health and digestion, while celery provides a boost of essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and selenium, which contributes to radiant glowing skin. Meanwhile, Amla regulates blood sugar levels, helps in weight loss and also has anti-ageing properties.

In her Instagram video, Bhagyashree demonstrated how to prepare the green juice. She blended the spinach, coriander, celery and amla juice together in a mixer, then strained the mixture through a sieve to create a smooth and refreshing juice. 
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By incorporating this green juice into your daily routine, you can experience the transformative power of nutrient-dense ingredients, thanks to Bhagyashree’s expert guidance. Watch the video here:

The video has received a thumbs-up on social media, with many fans expressing their admiration for Bhagyashree’s health tips.

“Super tips, I love it,” a fan wrote.  Another user added, “Amazing message madam, I am implementing.” A few claimed that the tip was “very useful.”

What do you think of this green juice recipe? Share with us in the comments section.

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