I may still struggle to make round and soft rotis (don’t ask), but I can proudly boast of being able to make a delicious Pizza alla Pala – a Roman-style soft and crispy flatbread pizza. This confidence comes after attending a pizza-making class at Leo’s 621, an experiential Pizza Lab/Cafe in Ghitorni, Delhi. Guided by Chef Amol Kumar, Owner – Leo’s Artisan Pizza, I experienced the art of making Pizza alla Pala – from shaping the super hydrated, soft dough to cutting into the fresh-from-the-oven soft and crispy pizza. 

Through this class, you get to work in a professional kitchen, complete with an apron and gloves. First, the chef explains and demonstrates each step — from lifting the dough, dusting it, shaping it, and popping it in the oven, to adding the toppings and once again baking it to perfection. Next, you get to do it all yourself and make a delicious pizza with your choice of toppings. All the toppings available are fresh, delicious and you can choose as many as you like.

My biggest takeaway? Who knew pizza tastes even better when you make it using your hands!?

Anyone can sign up for this delicious adventure filled with the aroma of freshly baked pizzas. You can also bring along your partner or friends for a fun evening making delicious Pizza alla Pala like professionals.
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  • Where: Khasra no-620, CBR Chowk, Plot No 1, 621, Zero Number Rd, Anand Gram, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi 
  • Price for Pizza alla Pala class: Pizza making for one: 4000/-, Pizza making for two: 6000/-, 6 people and above: 3000/- per person

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