Actor Sonu Sood is known for his philanthropic nature. Recently, the actor flew to Hyderabad and visited a famous food vendor, Kumari Aunty. In a video shared on his Instagram handle, Sonu can be seen stepping out of his car amidst a crowd of fans, greeting the food stall owner. “I am with Kumari Aunty. We have heard a lot about her. She is a self-made lady. We talk about women’s empowerment. We talk about how everyone should work hard for their family. Kumari Aunty is the best example,” Sonu Soon says in the video.

A few seconds later, Sonu Sood asks, “Kumari Aunty ji kaisa lag raha hai aapko? [Kumari Aunty, how are you feeling?]” She replies, “Acha laga raha hai. [Feeling good.]” He continues, “To aaj kya hai? Veg ya non-veg hai? Ya dono hai? [So, what’s available today? Is it vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Or both?]”
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In her broken Hindi, the woman responds, “Pura aadmi hai. [It’s for the whole person.]” To this, Sonu jokes, “Kya aadmi ko bhi bana diya? [So, have you cooked a man?]” She says, “Hindi aata thoda thoda. [I know Hindi a little bit.]” The actor reassures her, “Koi baat nahi, hindi bahut achha hai. [No problem, your Hindi is very good.]”

Sonu Sood then addresses his Instagram followers, “Toh Kumari aunty ke haath ka veg bhi hai, non-veg bhi hai. Main toh vegetarian hu. Aur Kumari aunty kitna ka hai veg ek plate? [So, Kumari Aunty’s food has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. I am vegetarian. How much is the vegetarian plate?]” She informs him that it costs ₹80. Kumari Aunty adds that the non-veg platter is priced at ₹120.
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The actor playfully announces, “Mai to 80 rupees wala customer hu. [I am a customer for the ₹80 vegetarian plate.]” He then asks her, “80 rupees ka vegetarian hai. Mere liye kitne rupees ka discount hai. [It’s ₹80 for the vegetarian plate. How much discount do I get?]”. She quickly replied, “Free.” Sonu Sood then joked that if she offered him free food, he would come every day. Towards the end, the woman thanks Sonu Sood for visiting her food stall.

In his caption, Sonu Sood wrote, “YOU ARE YOUR ONLY LIMIT…Kumari aunty is a testament to the quiet strength and fierce resilience that resides in each woman..let us support, celebrate, uplift and empower these bearers of boundless strength by our words and actions ..”

Kumari Aunty’s food stall is located in Hyderabad’s Hitec City area, near ITC Kohenur Junction.

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