Every season comes with its share of pros and cons and monsoon is no different. While rainfall, nippy weather and lush green nature bring a respite from the months-long summer, the season also comes with its share of health troubles. You read that right. The moisture level in the air increases during this time, making it a perfect situation for the germs to multiply rapidly. Regrettably, one of the most affected areas in your house is the kitchen. Continuous cooking, heat and dampness in the air increase the risks of food contamination and health issues including food poisoning. Hence, every one of us needs to take extra care of our kitchen area to keep it clean, fresh and germ-free as much as possible.
In this article, we have listed some of the essential kitchen practices that one must follow during the monsoon season. Let’s take you through.
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 Here Are 9 Essential Monsoon Kitchen Tips That One Must Follow:

1. Maintain basic hygiene:

It is important to maintain basic hygiene practices while entering the kitchen. From cleaning your hands properly before starting work to avoiding entering the kitchen in dirty clothes – some basic changes in your everyday practice can help you go a long way and maintain safety.

2. Clean utensils regularly:

Never keep used plates and pans unattended. The leftover food on the utensils attracts moisture from the air and becomes the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. We suggest cleaning the utensils as soon as you get done with cooking and eating your food.

3. Always use dry spoons/spatulas in food:

The risk of food spoilage increases during this time due to excess dampness in the air. While it is important to store both cooked and uncooked foods properly, one must also take extra care of the spoons and ladles that come in contact with the food. Make sure you use clean and dry spatulas to avoid excess moisture.

4. Use air-tight containers:

It is possibly the easiest way to store food during monsoon and keep it safe. Replace your regular containers with air-tight glass boxes and lock the moisture instantly. This will not only keep the food fresh for a long time but also prevent the risks of bacterial attack.

Use see-through containers for easy access of the freezer.

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5. Clean the sink regularly:

Did you know the sink is the most affected area in your kitchen? The hidden corners of the pipe become the ideal place for the germs to grow and spread, further infecting the whole kitchen. Hence, we suggest cleaning the kitchen sink and pipe regularly to maintain basic hygiene.

6. Dispose of garbage regularly:

Another spot for bacterial growth is your garbage bag. Throw them away on a regular basis to avoid the spread of any kind of infection in your kitchen area.

7. Avoid storing water:

Many people have the tendency to store water for later use. We understand this is a favourable way to combat water scarcity. But following this practice can have the exact opposite effect on your health. Mosquitos and flies grow in these stored waters, further leading to risks like malaria, dengue, food poisoning and more.

8. Allow proper ventilation:

Regular cooking inevitably dampens the air in the kitchen. So we suggest letting air and sunlight pass through the kitchen for proper ventilation. Also, use an exhaust fan and chimney every time you cook your meals.
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9. Deep clean every week:

While you might think you are keeping the kitchen clean, there are always some hidden corners where you will find leftover food, dirt and gunk. Germs and viruses grow in such areas, further infecting the whole kitchen. So, deep clean your kitchen at least once a week to maintain safety and hygiene.

Follow these simple steps and make your kitchen germ-free this season. Happy monsoon, everyone!

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