If the aroma of coffee stirs your soul and makes you feel alive, you are at the right place. Coffee is a popular and easily available beverage; one can find in multiple variations – from cold brews and cappuccinos to espressos and iced lattes and many more. Now many people claim to be coffee lovers and we will let them believe so. However, not everyone can be the biggest coffee lover out there. Are you one? Let’s find out if you have any of these signs of the ultimate coffee lover.

Here Are 7 Signs That Show You Love Coffee More Than Anyone Else Can:

1. You Cannot Start Your Day Without Coffee

For some people, waking up in the morning means feeling relaxed while soaking in the sun or finding peace in the chirping of birds. However, for ultimate coffee lovers, nothing can bring them more joy than sipping on their first cup of coffee as soon as they wake up.

2. The Air Around You Smells Like Coffee

Whether you are working or are at home or travelling, the air around you is likely to smell like coffee, thanks to the mug or tumbler of coffee that is always tagging along with you.
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3. Your Social Media Feed Is Flooded With Coffee Content

Whether it is coffee art videos, hidden cafes that offer incredible coffees or any new fancy coffees in the market, or social media feed is flooded with pictures and videos of everything around coffee.

4. You Get Coffee-related Gifts On Your Birthday

Finding a gift for you is easy. It simply has to be something around coffee and you will be the happiest person in the world. These gifts can be anything like premium roasted coffee beans, coffee mugs, coffee-inspired merchandise, a French press machine and so on.

5. You Judge Others Based On Their Coffee Order

Whether you are out on a date or observing someone new you meet, you secretly judge people based on their coffee orders — hot or cold, amount of sugar, type of milk, kind of flavours, black or milky and so on.

6. You Are Eager To Explore Coffees From Around The World

As a die-hard coffee fan, you want to travel the world, of course for sightseeing, but also to taste authentic coffees from different parts of the world. 
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7. Coffee-based Desserts Are Your Favourite

Whenever you get a chance, you always order a coffee-flavoured dessert. From coffee ice cream to cakes to cookies to tiramisu, you can never say no to a dessert that comes with the aroma and kick of coffee.

How many of these signs of an ultimate coffee lover do you exhibit? Share with us in the comments section.

By Alex Benjamin

Alex Benjamin, historian, quizmaster, and author, passionately explores history's depths. Renowned for unearthing forgotten facts, he's a quiz expert captivating audiences worldwide.

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