In today’s world, the market is flooded with drinks claiming to combat PCOS symptoms, but few deliver like spearmint tea. PCOS, a common hormonal disorder affecting many women, brings with it a host of challenges from irregular periods to mood swings. Amidst the hype, spearmint tea stands out for its natural, refreshing taste and potent benefits in managing these symptoms. Wondering how? We give you some interesting ways to use spearmint tea that may help manage PCOS. 

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Spearmint vs. Mint: What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered about the difference between spearmint and regular mint? While they’re botanical cousins, spearmint packs a sweeter punch with lower menthol levels compared to mint, making it a gentler option for your tea break.

Here’s How Spearmint Tea Can Help Manage PCOS

1. Reduces Androgen Levels

Excess androgens causing acne and unwanted hair growth? Enter spearmint tea. Research shows sipping it twice daily can significantly lower testosterone levels in women dealing with PCOS, helping tackle those frustrating symptoms head-on.

2. Regulates Menstrual Cycles

For those navigating irregular cycles due to PCOS, spearmint tea offers a natural solution. Its anti-androgen properties help balance hormones, potentially bringing order to your monthly calendar and supporting reproductive health.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Is inflammation wreaking havoc? Spearmint tea’s anti-inflammatory compounds can help calm the storm within. Regular consumption may ease chronic inflammation, offering relief from discomfort associated with PCOS.

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4. Regulates Mood

Say goodbye to mood swings! Spearmint tea’s calming properties can help stabilize your mood, reducing anxiety linked to hormonal imbalance. Sip your way to a more balanced emotional state and a healthier lifestyle.

5. Improves Digestion

From bloating to IBS, digestive issues are common companions for PCOS sufferers. Luckily, spearmint tea’s soothing properties can ease these problems, promoting a happier gut and overall digestive health.

How To Make Spearmint Tea At Home

Incorporating spearmint tea into your routine is a breeze. Grab tea bags from your local store or steep fresh spearmint leaves in hot water for a homemade brew. Enjoy it hot or chilled-your body will thank you either way.

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